Office/Advertisement Phone Number (808)365-5181

Hilo Office: 630 Kilauea Ave Suite 202 Hilo, HI 96720


To get in contact with general manager Will Zucker send an email to


  1. Christine

    Oh my goodness, this station is amazing!! What a great mix of classics and new songs, local – you guys NAILED IT!!! Its like my own playlist ! So sick of everyone playing the same 15 songs on a loop – after 3 songs i was already texting friends and family to check out the new best station on the island!!!
    How refreshing…. you are AWESOME!!!!!!!????????????????????????

  2. Unko

    Wanted to tell you folks that I have been dropping by The Beach off and on since you went on the air. To be honest, your original playlist was too avant-garde for my Baby Boomer/Old Hippie taste. But today I tuned in because NPR is still having their pledge drive. I will be back to The Beach more often. I wouldn’t say you are playing Deep Cuts. But the next best thing, for sure. If you like go deeper in 70’s LPs, I for one would be forever grateful. Mahaloz.


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